Minnie and me in our Halloween costumes. Minnie’s pieces - white shirt from an eBay store, black cloak from a neighbor who knows she likes to wear clothing, white collar from Gypsy Eyes Clothing, sonic screwdriver from Alakazam Comics. I made a pouch for it out of one of those bra washing bags that had ripped plus some blue ribbon and other scraps I had laying around.

My costume - shoes from K-Mart, TARDIS facade shirt from Vondell’s shop on Redbubble, blue jeans from Khol’s, hat from WalMart then dyed with RIT dye I got along with the felt at Jenny’s Fabrics, white party plastic cup, the little bobble on top is a water bottle cap covered in felt, cardboard from something I was shipped awhile ago, blue wig from some online costume shop who’s name I’ve forgotten as I bought it months ago, ribbon from WalMart, and one of those battery operated lights you can put into Jack-O-Lanterns rather than a candle also from WalMart. I have the cup partly sewed, partly velcroed on so I can lift it up and turn the light on and off. 


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A dog that looks like the Third Doctor.